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On-going On Camera Study

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 Jenna has a beautiful and unique voice in and out of the classroom. She celebrates the beauty and play that you find in acting. You couldn’t find

more compassionate, empathetic, and nurturing soul. An amazing teacher for actors of all levels. She guides her students to the spark that makes them unique, and is a very adaptable teacher. It always amazes me seeing her jump from student to student finding just the right way to support them and help them shine. The environment she creates is an incredibly safe one, a space of growth, a space of self discovery. The classes feel personal, and thoughtful, full of life, laughter, and heart. Thank you Jenna!      - Duke Huston

"Jenna brings her stunning acting ability to her teaching—she’s a real pro!  Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned so much about the craft, hard work, and heart that goes into acting and screen work.  While taking two classes with Jenna, I’ve become familiar with her teaching style:  she has incredible insights and presents them clearly and with encouragement, never causing embarrassment or resentfulness as she offers her instruction.  My sense is that all the class members were grateful for making us feel at ease.  As a novice to this art form, I appreciated her patience and genuine affection for each of us as well as the enthusiasm she expressed as we made our way through the scenes she assigned, none of them with the same character type so that we got to explore a range of styles.  We are so lucky to have her talent in Bozeman."  - Sharon Beehler

"Jenna is a widely empathetic person. She carries this into her teaching and is able to meet with her students on a one-on-one level. Jenna is able to effectuate a raw, regal connection between her students, the text, and the camera. Focused on creating a real, authentic experience, Jenna is able to successfully communicate and show, through multiple perspectives, how one may be able to tap into their most vulnerable self, on-screen, to create a truly beautiful, everlasting piece of art." - Keller Paulson 

"Where do I begin about Jenna. She was the most intuitive, talented and multifaceted acting coach I’ve worked with in all the classes I’ve taken in the past.we spent time just understanding me as an actress and an artist, she dove deep but with a goal and a  purpose to every question.  She guided me to places that I’ve only begun to know existed. She’s been trained by some of the best in the buisness and I received training from her that can only come from a Actress and teacher who is serious about her craft, and one who has invested diligently into it. Her natural ability for guiding other artist in a safe space really blew me away. I know that even in a short about of time with her I was transformed in many ways. I’m excited about my future in acting because of her!  I will be taking more sessions with Jenna! She has the grit and knowledge of New York but the heart of Montana! " - Cat Deriana


"Jenna Ciralli is an incredibly talented instructor. She has a firm grasp on so many facets of the industry  and has something for everyone at every level. She offers coaching for those curious about the industry to polishing those with experience looking to grasp something extra in the presentation of themselves. She brings her 25 years in the industry and formal education to those that wouldn't have the opportunity to achieve that training to open possible new doors into dreams. She is extremely encouraging and positive. She has has the tools to guide your creative future. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to grow in the industry."  - Scott McCauley 

"I feel so lucky to have been able to work with Jenna in her Acting for Film scene study class. I highly recommend it for almost any film actor. She has the clarity and skill to take a range of people at different levels with widely varied experiences and move them all forward from where they are. She manages to push beyond comfort zones while being one hundred percent supportive, gracious and kind.  "

- Emily Jones 

"Jenna is a thoughtful, talented, and kind teacher and actor. She meets her students wherever they are in their journey and then works with them to discover the next step to help them learn and grow. She finds each student's natural talents and then uses different techniques to help them highlight their strengths and improve upon areas where they aren't as confident. Her compassion and support have made the past few weeks an incredible joy, and has made the sometimes terrifying journey of self-growth into a fun and memorable experience that anyone would be lucky to have! " - Sara Stanek


"Apart from being a wonderful actress, Jenna is a kind, nurturing and compassionate director/teacher of an acting process in which she attempts to inspire an inwardly authentic performance." - Carmilla Pilant 


"Jenna doesn't spend much time on the technical parts of film acting.  Her focus is on something much more difficult to teach:  How to get a believable, emotionally charged performance that will read well on camera.  She accomplishes this with rare skill, having an uncanny ability to find an actor's strengths and unlock how to feed those into what the scene requires. " - Matthew  Yetter

“It was so wonderful to have a teacher like Jenna. She works with everyone individually with special attention to your own strengths. Using simple but powerful tools, her technique is very effective and relatively easy to apply. Being able to work with other actors in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere was so much fun, and I know it has helped me immensely in my goal to become a better actor. Thank you Jenna!"

- Daniel Sullivan 

Jenna's acting class helped connect me with myself as seen through the eye of the camera.  I learned about timing , rhythm and spacing of dialogue  as well as lighting and framing by taking videos as part of the class assignment. It was an informative class And Jenna is super supportive.  - Sharon Iltis 

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