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Feature Film

Clara Boone

A Western Ghost Story

                         Logline: Montana, 1890. When her best friend is found murdered in her strict, morally righteous town, only Clara Boone

                          can bring the perpetrator to justice by exposing her deepest secret: she can see the dead. Based on a true story.

Featuring an inclusive cast of historical women.

A film by Jenna Ciralli and Cat Dale

Clara Boone is a proud recipient of the Big Sky Grant from the Montana Film Office   

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"Seamlessly blending horror and western genres, CLARA BOONE features a novel and compelling premise, painting a haunting picture of life as a woman in the last days of the wild west. The writers have clearly done their research, bringing the deserts, mountains, and prairies of Montana to life
through vivid visuals. The eponymous protagonist, Clara, is a wholly unique character, whose struggle to accept herself and her powers reads as resonant. Like Cole in THE SIXTH SENSE, Clara is rendered real through a nuanced and well-crafted characterization, grounding the more supernatural
elements of the story in real pathos. Clara’s fractured relationship with her step-daughter Emily serves as a powerful emotional through-line and B-story, and the resolution of their arc in the third act feels satisfying. Containing a predominantly female cast, the script brings to life the power of
female friendships and subverts western genre tropes by pulling focus away from the cowboys, sheriffs, and men of the town."  -

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