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"Actress Jenna Ciralli delivers a fierce and paranoid performance in our movie "The New Frontier" reminiscent of the acting in Ingmar Bergman films." 

"Jenna is incredible to work with. She is prepared and pours her entire self into the role. This was a true collaboration between director and actress, communicating ideas in every scene and take, helping each other make a better movie. I guided her passionate performance and she filled me with creative energy.

If you want an actress who always has a good attitude, who works hard, who delivers what you want, hire Jenna Ciralli."


Photos by Todd South Photography and Ethan Confer


"Since meeting Amber, Rose Mason and another Montana actress, Jenna Ciralli, I've been fascinated with filming in Montana and hope to do so very soon. Based on working with them, I am quite impressed with actors from Montana. They have been two of the most professional people I've worked with in a long list of actors."

                       - Montana Horses Magazine, 1/15/2021, Filmmaker Travis Mills

Willow Creek Road 10 26 18.jpg

Poster by Julie Asriyan 

“WILLOW CREEK ROAD authentically captures the subtle sounds and rhythms of the plains and the people who inhabit it. The cinematography is gorgeous, and we were impressed with the main character's exploration of boundaries in this rural community.” - MINT  Juror, Professor Tami Haaland

"Willow Creek Road" is memorable not just for its sensitively observed story or the vast natural beauty it captures, but for its ability to evoke intimate, poetic revelations amidst a large-scale canvas, helping both to resonate against one another. - Omeleto, award-winning films

With co-creators Julie Asriyan & Laura Bray

"A must-see video." -    


 "Eye-opening and eye-rolling video." - Adweek

"You'll laugh. You'll cry." - LA Magazine

"A poignant and infuriating video." -

            "It's not that others didn't know that already, but the video almost acts as an invitation into a wider forum on how to improve the situation, by creating a new creative network that shuns and mocks the old, insulting one. I'm interested to see where the project goes next."    –Social Songbird 

Israel Horovitz One-Acts | The Flea

NYC-ARTS Top 5 (July, 2012) things to do in NYC.                                                                                                 -- PBS - THIRTEEN

 FOUR stars  - Time Out, New York 

"...the evening as a whole makes for a rewarding event, watching a new generation of aspiring artists interpret with relish and understanding a playwright whose work often seems underappreciated by the American theater establishment." -- Ron Cohen, Backstage "

Birdbath by Leonard Melfi

"Ciralli displays a twisted sense of comedic brilliance. She possesses the unique ability to make you laugh even in the darkest of moments."  - Independent Media Magazine


"Ciralli leads with a sense of love that you don't often see in theater or film. Her ability and range to convey many emotions is indescribable at times. She’ll make you laugh at the darkest of times, she’ll make you cry at the lightest of times."  - Independent Media Magazine

All The Real Girls, Theater Row

"Jenna Ciralli was superior and showed a genuine inner turmoil."                                                  -Michael Swiskay, playwright

HOMESTEAD, short film

Best Actress, Best Short Nominations, Wyoming International Film Festival 2022

Best Actress Winner, South Dakota Film Festival 2022
Best Actress 2022.jpg
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